The Platform to
Build Labeling and RLHF Workflows
Monitor & Evaluate Model Performance
Curate Visual Data
Find & Fix Data Errors

Encord is the data platform for all computer vision teams. Streamline annotation & RLHF workflows, observe & evaluate models, and manage & curate data to get to production AI faster.

Trusted by pioneering AI teams



Manage and explore your visual data.



Build high quality training datasets faster.



Monitor and validate model performance.

The Complete Data Engine 
for AI Model Development

Achieve peak model performance with the best data. Encord Data Engine helps you validate and debug your models, create training & validation data, and fine-tune foundation models.

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Encord Annotate

Built to scale your annotation workflows

Create high-quality training data with Encord’s AI-assisted annotation tools. Collaborate seamlessly in our easy-to-use platform to deploy models faster.

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Annotation types

Supporting your annotation needs

Efficiently label any computer vision modality across image, video, medical imagery, or geospatial data and choose from a variety of tools to meet your annotation needs.


Object Detection


Keypoint Skeleton Pose


Polyline Annotation


Hanging Protocols


Instance Segmentation


Action Recognition


Frame Classifications




Seamless collaboration

Create fully customized, automated ML pipelines to improve the efficiency and quality of your annotation workforce.


In-depth ontologies

Master complexity with ontologies

We offer the industry’s most advanced labeling ontologies enabling you to create as many nested classifications to support your labeling operations and help you create better ground truth data.


Model-assisted labeling

Label 10x faster with automated labeling

Effectively train deep learning and fine-tune foundation models with a handful of labels to automate annotation without compromising on label quality.

Enhanced QA

In-depth performance analytics

Uncover data-driven insights on label quality and annotator performance, to optimize workforce efficiency and ensure model excellence.


Format Support

Supporting your data types

Encord natively and extensively supports image, video, tiled geospatial, and medical imagery with DICOM and NIfTI.


Encord Active

Data-driven insights to power model performance

Avoid labeling errors, improve annotation quality, and diagnose model issues quicker with our built-in active learning platform to build better models, faster.

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Quality metrics

Boost data quality for your model

Easily uncover outliers and edge cases in your data with quality metrics to evaluate model performance.

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QA Workflows

Visualize high-confidence false-positives

Use existing models and custom embeddings to surface potential label errors and correct them to improve your data quality.


Active Learning Workflows

Setup automated active learning pipelines

Close the loop between your models, uncurated data and your annotation platform and target your data curation towards high-impact samples.

QA workflows

Model Performance Metrics

Understand model performance

Encord supports evaluation in object detection, classification, and segmentation for key model metrics such as F1, IoU, precision & recall, and correlations.

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Encord Accelerate

Access high-quality, expert labelers on-demand

Encord helps match your annotation use case to highly-skilled labeling professionals to deliver high-quality training data whilst lowering costs. Collaborate in real-time and scale your project effectively to any size.

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Your ML pipeline, your way

Connect your secure cloud storage, MLOps tools, and much more with dedicated integrations that slot seamlessly into your workflows.

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API/SDK capability

Customize training data pipelines with ease

Encord's collaborative labeling platform helps you automate annotation with AI-assisted labeling, build active learning pipelines, and streamline data operations.

Software To Help You Turn Your Data Into AI

Forget fragmented workflows, annotation tools, and Notebooks for building AI applications. Encord Data Engine accelerates every step of taking your model into production.