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Achieve peak model performance with the best data. Create & manage training data for any visual modality, debug models and boost performance, and make foundation models your own.

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Get actionable insights from your models in production and iteratively create training data, all in one place.


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Get Computer Vision Models

Into Production Faster

Forget fragmented workflows, annotation tools, and Notebooks for building computer vision models. Encord is an active learning platform that accelerates every stage of taking a computer vision model to production.

We reduced our false acceptance rate to just 1% from 6% using Encord’s platform since we could train our new models on much better datasets with much higher quality labels.

Jeffrey Siaw

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We reduced the labeling time for CT series by 50 percent and by 25 percent for MRI series with Encord.

Dr. Hamza Guzel

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We really value Encord's SDK and having the flexibility to set up new projects with unique labelling tools that don’t just limit us to bounding boxes.

Esben Thorius

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Automated Tools to Accelerate AI Data Annotation

Encord is transforming how businesses are getting their computer vision models into production. We can do the same for you. Talk to us to find out how.