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Annotation API
Send data. Quickly get quality labels.
  • $0.015 per image or frame
  • $0.01 per classification
  • $0.06 per bounding box
  • $0.08 per polygon
  • $0.02 per keypoint
  • GDPR compliant
  • Full data privacy guaranteed
Build, manage & scale ML applications.
  • Computer vision labeling toolkit
  • Automated labelling features
  • AWS, GCP, and Azure integrations
  • Entry-level support package
  • API & Python SDK access
  • GDPR compliant
  • Full data privacy guaranteed
Government & Enterprise
Ship multi-layered & highly customized ML applications.
  • Everything in "Team"
  • Data engineering support
  • Enterprise SLA & support package
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Private cloud and on-premise
  • GDPR compliant
  • Full data privacy guaranteed

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AnnotateTeamGovernment & Enterprise
Bounding box, polygon, keypoint, segmentation
Support for multiple computer vision modalities
Object primitives
Define custom object types
Annotate CT, MRI, and X-ray
Synthetic-aperture radar
Annotate SAR in spot, strip, and scan
Video & sequential image labeling
Unique instance IDs & temporal tubes
Performance dashboards
Individual evaluation metrics
Custom task management
Customised and automated task distribution
Custom performance dashboards
Custom metrics tracking
Automate & evaluate
Model training
Model inference
Use micro-models or integrate your own
Algorithms & heuristics
Automated object tracking, segmentation, interpolation
Automated quality assessment
State of the art label error detection
API access
REST and via Python SDK
Web hooks
Trigger-based event notifications
Label I/O
Import model-produced labels
Real-time data pipeline management
Custom data pipeline setups
E-mail support
Priority assistance via e-mail
Dedicated Slack channel
Talk to us directly
Data engineering support
Pipeline assistance
Enterprise SLA
Custom service level agreement
Data & security
Private cloud & IAM delegated access
Use your own cloud buckets
Private deployment
GDPR compliant
Our infrastructure is GDPR compliant
Data privacy
Your data is private and secure

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