API & SDK Tools to Streamline Computer Vision Data Pipelines

Our SDK allows for easy building of workflow scripts to converge quickly to successful data strategies.

How it works

Build data pipelines for any use case

Build pipelines for annotation, validation, model training, and auditing.

Labeling I/O

Read and write labels from and to Encord.

  • I/O in different label formats
  • Filter and query labels
  • Pre-built data loaders


Minimise human effort & supervision through programmatic automation.

  • Build ensembles of micro-models
  • Utilise automation feature suite
  • Incorporate problem-specific heuristics


Get the highest quality model performance through active learning pipelines.

  • Discover classification & geometric errors
  • Trigger automated quality assessments
  • Import model predictions

Labeling algorithm

Modular automation

Compose labeling strategies with image clustering, classical computer vision algorithms, and state of the art deep learning techniques.

Code sample

Customise training data pipelines

Our APIs & SDK allow for easy building of workflow scripts to converge quickly into successful data strategies. Set up complex pipelines and integrations within minutes.

Powerful API & SDK for Image Annotation and Segmentation