The Collaborative Training Data Platform for Gaming, Media & Entertainment

From data annotation to assessing model performance, Encord provides the end to end solution for AI teams in Gaming, Media & Entertainment looking to get their models into production faster and turn their data into AI.

Trusted by pioneering AI teams

Content Creation

Motion Capture

Automated Content Recommendation

Content Moderation

Simplify Annotations With a Wide Range of Tools

Leverage Encord’s advanced labeling toolkit and native video support to simplify complex annotations in a range of modalities such as image, video and more.


Object Detection


Keypoint Skeleton Pose


Polyline Annotation


Instance Segmentation


Action Recognition


Frame Classifications



“Encord’s micromodels automatically generated 97% of the labels...

Compared to other label assistance tools that we’ve worked with, Encord’s user experience is much smoother. The interface is intuitive, so it requires very little training to become a sort of “expert” at using all the functionality.”

Cut Model False Positive Rate from 6% to 1%

“Using Encord’s platform, we were able to train our new models on much better datasets with much higher quality labels... I’ve been very impressed with how Encord iterates on the SDK, listens to feedback, and constantly improves the product.”

Reduced Annotation Time by 70%

“Encord made it very easy to centrally keep track of annotations, including who had made them and who had reviewed them. It also had this great interpolation tool which was especially useful for the projects we were working on.”

Automate Annotation at Speed

Automated object tracking and Encord’s in-platform foundation models for automated labeling enable faster annotation than ever before to power use cases like pattern identification and object recognition AI.

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Expedite Model Production With Active Learning

Train, test, and deploy models in automated pipelines while ensuring your model is being trained on the most informative data points using Active Learning techniques.

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Segment and Annotate Visual Data Faster

From conducting frame classifications to annotating small regions, combine Meta AI’s Segment Anything Model (SAM) and our automated labeling, built into the platform, to annotate and segment visual data 15x faster.

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Build Better Models Faster With Encord

Built With Security in Mind

Encord is SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant with robust security and encryption standards.

Pre-Built Integrations

Import data from your desired storage bucket such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Storage & Open Telekom Cloud OSS.

Encord API & SDK

Programatically access projects, datasets & labels within the platform via API.

Software To Help You Turn Your Data Into AI

With Encord's collaborative annotation platform you can get to production AI faster while meeting regulatory requirements. Quickly label large training datasets from all modalities, and leverage foundation models to speed up your development process.