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A single, unified platform for multimodal labeling

Introducing the first end-to-end multi-modal labeling tool to annotate multiple modalities and evaluate model output natively.

Why Encord?

Join thousands of ML practitioners deploying production-ready AI applications using best-in-class data curation, labeling, and model evaluation tools with Encord.


70% reduction in annotation hours.

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60% increase in labeling speed simplifying data pipelines.

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20% increase in mAP leveraging data curation.

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Complexity made simple

One platform. Multimodal possibilities.

Manage multi-modal datasets, map relationships between data types in one labeling workflow, and test model output to identify failure modes all on one platform.

Encord workflow

Import multi-modal datasets

Connect your data storage to seamlessly import images, videos, text, or document data. Curate the most valuable data for labeling directly in the Encord platform and send for labeling.

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Label data at lightning speed

Synchronise labels across data types without managing multiple projects in an industry-leading label editor with lightning-fast annotation capabilities.

Review model output natively

Leverage Encord Active to evaluate model output and curate only the necessary data to re-train your model and enhance performance.


increase in mAP building active learning pipelines”

We now have an integrated, one-stop solution where we can manage our data and also understand our model performance – and the errors and issues where the models are not performing well – and create the feedback mechanisms to improve our models and data.

Prajwal Kotamraju,

Co-Founder and Head of Computer Vision @ Automotus

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Complexity made simple
Nested Ontologies
Build relationship structures in your data schema to improve model output.
Complexity made simple
Integrate seamlessly with your toolstack
Connect your secure cloud storage, MLOps tools, and much more with dedicated integrations that slot seamlessly into your workflows.
Developer-friendly tools
Automate workflow management + task assignment
Keeping your 
data safe
Encord is SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR-compliant to keep your data safe.
Performance Analytics
Monitor team and annotator performance with actionable dashboards to ensure training data quality
Format Support
Integrate active learning workflows to identify and label the data that boosts model performance.
On-demand workforce
Access thousands of expert labelers to scale your projects without compromising 
data quality.

"Encord’s robust support system has been remarkable. Whenever questions or issues come up, they are always supportive and helpful. This ensures that our workflows remain uninterrupted."


"It’s always about balancing speed and quality. A lot of platforms prioritize speed over quality or quality over speed. Encord speeds up annotation while still allowing for strong quality control."


“Diving deep into the performance on a class-by-class basis allowed us to tackle some of the worst-performing classes and improve their performance based on insights from analysis of the datasets and models in Encord Active.”

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Find & fix data issues with ease

Monitor, troubleshoot, and evaluate the data and labels impacting model performance.

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Manage & curate your data

Understand and manage your visual data, prioritize data for labeling, and initiate active learning pipelines.

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