Our mission is to enable every company to harness the power of AI

Our team is working tirelessly to make AI development practical and fast by building a complete data-focused AI tooling & infrastructure stack focused on model evaluation & observability, annotation & workforce management tooling, and data curation & management software, to get your models working in production - fast.

Nationalities represented
Predictive & generative models put in production

Our investors

Charles River Ventures
Y Combinator
Crane Venture Partners
Harpoon Ventures

Our leadership

  • Ulrik Stig Hansen

    Ulrik Stig Hansen

    Founder & President

  • Eric Landau

    Eric Landau

    Founder & CEO

  • Anna Khan

    Anna Khan

    General Partner at CRV, Board Member

  • Luc Vincent

    Luc Vincent

    VP of AI at Meta, Executive Advisor


Our story

Encord was started by former quants, physicists and computer scientists. We experienced firsthand how the lack of purpose-built tooling and infrastructure was impeding the progress of building practical AI applications. AI felt to us like what the early days of computing or the internet must have felt like, where the potential of the technology was clear, but the tools and processes surrounding it left much to be desired.

From first starting the company, we believed there must be a better way to making AI development practical.

Team Encord is composed of a team with a deep technical foundation and a breadth of operating experience. Our people include engineers, operatives, and creatives from some of the largest technology companies on the planet, PhDs, and world-class alumni from Tessian, Meta, DRW, Goldman Sachs, Twilio, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, and more.

We are backed by some of the foremost leaders in the space including CRV, Y Combinator Continuity, top industry executives, and other leading Bay Area investors.

Join us to help build the future of AI applications