Encord Active

Seamlessly test your models and deploy into production with confidence

Evaluate and validate your models against your data to surface, curate, and prioritize the most valuable data for training and fine-tuning to supercharge model performance.

Why Encord?

Join thousands of ML practitioners deploying production-ready AI applications using best-in-class data curation, labeling, and model evaluation tools with Encord.


67% increase in edge-case class performance.

Read Neurolabs’s story

60% increase in labeling speed simplifying data pipelines.

Read Conxai’s story

20% increase in mAP leveraging data curation.

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Model evaluation

Run robustness checks on your models to deploy high-quality production AI faster

Accelerate your AI development lifecycle with Encord Active, from data curation to deployment, with its cutting-edge model evaluation and active learning capabilities.

Pre-empt blind spots and data-drift
Utilize advanced analytics to detect and rectify model weak spots, ensuring your model remains adaptable and accurate amidst evolving data landscapes.
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Fix underperforming models
Uncover failure modes and issues, export explainability reports to your team to correct issues swiftly and exceed your AI benchmarks.
Compare model performance
Integrate humans-in-the-loop to build active learning workflows to refine model performance iteratively, significantly reducing deployment timelines.

Avoid costly mistakes in your training data

Protect the integrity of your training data with Encord Active's advanced label validation features to enhance its accuracy and reliability.

Build robust, balanced datasets
Create balanced, comprehensive datasets tailored to your 
model's needs with powerful filtering and search functionality.
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Automatically surface label errors
Use vector embeddings, AI-assisted quality metrics, and model predictions to find problematic data samples and course correct in your training data automatically.
Validate your labels for better ML model performance
Inspect model predictions and compare to your Ground Truth, surface common issue types and failure environments, and easily communicate errors back to your labeling team.

G2 reviews

Trusted by our customers

Still not sure? Read about what the customers think about our product.

“Pure gold, easily paying for itself through”

Getting Encord to just work with our pipeline was a walk in the park, and for the one odd time when we had to contact support, their team has been amazing and extremely friendly. The annotation tool itself is pure gold, easily paying for itself through increased productivity!

Andrei I, G2 reviewer

“Easy and quick to use to annotate”

Very robust annotation interface, easy to use, and quick to annotate lots of frames/visuals. I explored many, many annotation tools and I enjoy using Encord by far the most.

David F, G2 reviewer

“Easy to use training data platform for model validation”

Encord’s solution provides us with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage annotation workflows and teams that we use to validate the performance of our models and generate new data for training. Focusing our efforts on just annotation data for model failure cases has led to a large reduction in overall error rates.

Mike V, G2 reviewer


"Encord’s robust support system has been remarkable. Whenever questions or issues come up, they are always supportive and helpful. This ensures that our workflows remain uninterrupted."


"It’s always about balancing speed and quality. A lot of platforms prioritize speed over quality or quality over speed. Encord speeds up annotation while still allowing for strong quality control."


“Diving deep into the performance on a class-by-class basis allowed us to tackle some of the worst-performing classes and improve their performance based on insights from analysis of the datasets and models in Encord Active.”

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