Accelerating Diagnosis to Treatment with Encord

Ulrik Stig Hansen
September 18, 2023
5 min read
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blog image’s revolutionary technology empowers medical teams to save lives through early detection and care coordination. The award-winning health tech company leverages Encord to accelerate processes, improve accuracy of diagnosis, and streamline collaboration among clinical AI teams. Encord’s medical training data platform and services have leveled up’s capabilities. They are now able to analyze data quickly and enter new areas of medical research.

Customer uses artificial intelligence to speed up care and improve patient outcomes. The San Francisco-based health tech company uses its software to ingest patient data and images in real-time and use regulatory-approved AI algorithms to detect disease and notify the appropriate medical team. This allows early detection of large vessel occlusion strokes, aneurysms, pulmonary embolism, and other critical diseases. It alerts doctors and nurses, who can see the images on their phones, saving hours of the time it would otherwise take to get that patient to diagnosis and treatment.

Their slogan “time is brain” speaks to the heart of their mission. Every minute that passes during a stroke, 2 billion brain cells die, so early detection and accurate diagnosis are crucial.’s success in aiding medical teams to rapidly detect diseases has allowed them to help enhance and preserve the quality of patients’ lives. And, with more success, comes more responsibility. The healthcare tech company has been rapidly growing and is constantly developing more solutions to support clinical teams worldwide. is now expanding into cardiovascular diseases with a recent approval by the FDA of AI-powered software for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an often missed but potentially deadly condition.


Early detection of a stroke, for instance, is possible thanks to’s abundance of data. By accessing and comparing scans with their multiple medical databases, the accuracy of their products is top of the range. However, for their teams, this has also translated into a lot of manpower and time consumed.

Previously, the clinical AI teams at relied on an in-house annotation platform to analyze and label medical data obtained from outside resources. “However, it lacked several features to enhance and streamline team collaboration,” explains Maayan Gerbi, Clicinal AI Specialist. “We desired more automated annotation features  to track progress amongst teams and lower  maintenance.”

It was time to search for a new solution that could support’s ambitious and fast-growing teams. 


After considering multiple annotation solutions, it was clear that Encord was the best fit for their needs. What stood out for was Encord’s highly responsive team, top-notch annotation features, as well as the user-friendly interface of the platform.

Encord’s robust support system has been remarkable. Whenever questions or issues come up, they are always supportive and helpful. This ensures that our workflows remain uninterrupted,” said Maayan. Encord’s helpful and reliable team also facilitated a smooth integration. “The annotation platform is well designed for compatibility and interpretability. We were able to effectively align it with the current systems,” added Data Manager Sarit Meshesha.

From project management, tracking, and monitoring to organizing large volumes of data in a user-friendly manner, Encord’s capabilities empower teams to annotate more speedily and accurately. particularly highlights the interpolation tool. “Encord constantly impresses us with the ability to think outside the box,” says Maayan. “The interpolation tool is a sophisticated, semi-automatic labeling tool that has proven to be a significant time saver for our team by reducing labeling time and improving precision.”


Encord is now an integral part of’s workflow. The platform’s range of innovative features has allowed teams to take on more projects while staying organized. Additionally, the accuracy of the automatic and semi-automatic annotation features means less manual work and higher-quality data. The clinical AI teams can now expedite processes and review medical imaging more quickly.

The collaborative features have also proven beneficial. now experiences more effective communication amongst teams and better project management end-to-end. Maayan explains, “The division of tasks and clear role assignment ensures organized workflows and the ability for team members to consult certain cases with experts along the way.”

Thanks to the benefits that has witnessed with Encord, they now envision the platform as key to their growth and ever-challenging needs. “We plan on leveraging Encord to expand the range of use cases and include more medical conditions in our solutions… We are excited about our potential with Encord and look forward to seeing how we will evolve together in the future.”

Written by Ulrik Stig Hansen
Ulrik is the President & Co-Founder of Encord. Ulrik started his career in the Emerging Markets team at J.P. Morgan. Ulrik holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Imperial College London. In his spare time, Ulrik enjoys writing ultra-low latency software applications in C++ and enjoys exper... see more
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