AI-assisted Labeling and Annotation Services for Image and Video

Combine specialist labelers with AI for superior training data accuracy and convenience

How it works

Encord makes it easy to outsource data labeling with exceptional quality

Labeling service chart

Step 1) Share your data plug and play. We integrate directly into your cloud provider. The data stays in your bucket.

Step 2) Monitor progress and quality with live dashboards.

Step 3) Use Encord models for prototyping and testing.

Annotation features

Get better data faster

We have extensive experience in all common annotation types

Object Detection

Semantic Segmentation

Instance Segmentation

Image Classification

Keypoint Skeleton Pose

Action Recognition

Panoptic Segmentation

Object Tracking

Multi Object Tracking

Hanging Protocols


Whole Slide Pathology

Polyline Annotation

Video Annotations

All common image formats

Why Encord

Data Centric AI and high performing models start with high quality labels

Getting high quality annotations for your use case has never been easier. Work with the leader in Data Centric AI.

Label accuracy and quality

Complement vetted specialist annotation companies for your use case with Encord’s AI technology for better results faster

Risk free

We guarantee 95%+ accuracy or you get your money back (T&Cs apply)


Plug and play integration – upload and download your data easily

Full visibility & control

Track progress and quality with live dashboards


Keep your data safe with granular access controls for annotators in our SOC2 compliant platform

ML Services

Get your labeling operations off the ground and set you up for success

Our annotation industries and verticals






Medical Imaging



Sports analytics

Encord Annotation Services for Machine Learning Projects