Blazing Fast Image Annotation Tooling For AI and Machine Learning

Encord's collaborative image labeling platform helps you automate image annotation with AI-assisted labeling, build active learning pipelines, and streamline labeling operations to get your models to production faster.

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How it works

The Leading Image Labeling Tool For Complex Computer Vision Projects

Encord is designed to handle advanced image labeling projects and help you manage dataset quality and annotation teams, and the only tool you need for efficient image labeling to build active learning pipelines for computer vision models.

The Complete AI Image Annotation Toolkit

Encord provides a single platform for all your image annotation needs, alleviating the need for building & maintaining expensive in-house tooling and infrastructure. Our platform supports:

  • Model-assisted image labeling
  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Semantic & instance segmentation
  • Image classification
  • Object primitives

... and much more!

Annotator management at scale

Annotator Project Management At Scale

Encord’s collaborative annotator and data management dashboards make it much easier to scale large image annotation teams, whether in-house or outsourced.

You can automatically assign annotation tasks, monitor annotators’ performance and set up custom quality control pipelines.

12x Image Annotation Speed With Automation

Automated image labeling can help you reduce the time your annotators spend annotating images.

Encord’s API & Python SDK helps you import model predictions. Our proprietary micro-models can also be used to pre-label images so that your annotators only need to review the annotated data.

Use cases

Solve Any Image Labeling Task 10x Faster

Encord's tools support image annotation for a variety of industries such as healthcare, government, and computer vision.

Image Classification

Apply nested and higher order classes to an entire image.

  • Self-driving cars
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Visual content moderation

Image Object Detection

Recognise and localise objects with vector labeling tools.

  • Gastroenterology
  • Automated retail checkout
  • Drone surveillance

Image Segmentation

Assign a class to each pixel of an image with segmentation masks.

  • Stroke segmentation
  • Pathology in microscopy
  • Virtual fitting rooms
Stanford Medicine
Stanford Medicine

The Division of Nephrology reduced experiment duration by 80% while processing 3x more images.

Stanford was using three different pieces of software to identify, annotate, and count podocytes and glomeruli in microscopy images.
Stanford started using Encord's annotation tools & SDK to automate segmentations, count, and calculate sizes of segments.
With Encord, Stanford researchers reduced experiment duration from an average of 21 to 4 days while processing 3x the number of images.
Reduction in experiment duration
Number of images
1 platform
... and not 3

Complex Image Label Ontologies

Encord offers the industry’s most advanced labeling ontology. You can create as many nested feature types as you need to ensure your image annotation datasets provide the best ground truth for your computer vision models.

No matter how complex the image being labeled, our ontology can support the vision for your machine learning model.

Build active learning for machine learning

Automate Your Model Development

Encord is the ideal platform for creating active learning pipelines, improving the efficiency of your projects and accelerating the development of your models.

Using Encord’s SDK and API, you can directly access projects, datasets and labels within the platform and automate annotation workflows and key features such as automated image annotation, training and inference.

Encord helps you boost model accuracy

Better Quality Datasets

Use Encord to identify the errors, biases and imbalances in your image annotation datasets.

Put in place granular QA workflows to ensure images are reviewed at the right level of accuracy for your use case.

A Collaborative AI Image Annotation Platform to Accelerate Model Development