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The leading data management {{icon_1}} and curation tools {{icon_2}} for advanced ML teams

For effective data-centric model development, you need control of your data. Simplify your data management and curation with Encord Index and create balanced, representative datasets with ease.

Why Encord?

Join thousands of ML practitioners deploying production-ready AI applications using best-in-class data curation, labeling, and model evaluation tools with Encord.


67% increase in performance of edge-case classes.

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60% increase in labeling speed simplifying data pipelines.

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20% increase in mAP leveraging data curation.

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Encord Index

Curate the right data to power your models

Seamlessly manage and curate your visual data with Encord to drive a data-centric approach to model development. Reduce data bias, edge-cases, and wasteful data to drive impactful improvements to model accuracy.

Encord Index

Understand your data

Whether leveraging the multi-modal search, finding similar data, or exploring visual properties and metadata, there are a host of tools to help you understand your data.

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Simplify data cleansing

Identify outliers and underrepresented areas

Prepare your datasets for annotation

Reduce the size of your dataset


"Encord’s robust support system has been remarkable. Whenever questions or issues come up, they are always supportive and helpful. This ensures that our workflows remain uninterrupted."


"It’s always about balancing speed and quality. A lot of platforms prioritize speed over quality or quality over speed. Encord speeds up annotation while still allowing for strong quality control."


“Diving deep into the performance on a class-by-class basis allowed us to tackle some of the worst-performing classes and improve their performance based on insights from analysis of the datasets and models in Encord Active.”

Host your data and datasets

Manage your unstructured data with ease and eliminate the need to build traditional and vector database infrastructure. Eliminate over half of the time data scientists spend on data cleansing and preparation with the leading data management and curation tool for advanced computer vision teams.

Explore vast datasets with ease
Explore vast datasets with ease
Filter and slice large datasets with over 40+ metrics to choose from, explore by metadata, or use Encord’s powerful AI search feature to select the most valuable data to power your models.
Integrate seamlessly with storage buckets
Connect to AWS, GCP, Azure, or OTC cloud storage in a few clicks and access all nested files in an instant.
Instant data refresh
No storage reconnection needed. Data changes in storage are instantly reflected in Encord Index with data refresh.
Curate perfectly balanced datasets

Select the right data for your ML projects and leverage the power of active learning. Use model predictions, metadata, and embeddings to distribute your data as you desire and improve your model by understanding edge cases and bias.

Identify outliers and underrepresented classes
Create rapid feedback loops between production data and training data to cover new use cases and avoid data drift.
Simplify data cleansing
Easily remove duplicates, corrupt images and more to augment the quality of your dataset instantly.
Understand the distribution of 
your data
Visually identify and inspect data outliers with embeddings plots. Find underrepresented areas of your datasets and fill these gaps to ensure fair and balanced datasets.
Create annotation projects on the fly

Remove data transfer between tools. Encord Index natively integrates with Annotate to ensure a seamless transition of data to labeling projects. Assign and track tasks in real-time to accelerate data-driven model experiments and project scalability.

Enrich with zero-shot bulk classifications
Use smart collections, bulk classification and more to manage and enrich your data prior to annotation. Then, in just a few clicks, send your curated datasets for annotation.
Send for annotation
Leverage the native integration between Index and Annotate to assign tasks to labellers natively within Encord.
Assign labellers to projects on the fly
Assign tasks and projects to desired teams or individuals and take ownership of labeling projects whenever you require.

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Supporting your labeling needs

Super charge your data annotation with AI-powered labeling — including automated interpolation, object detection and ML-based quality control.

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Find & fix data issues with ease

Monitor, troubleshoot, and evaluate the data and labels impacting model performance.

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