AI for Synthetic-Aperture Radar Image Segmentation and Annotation

Easy handling of synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) in various modes for computer vision applications.

How it works

The first purpose-built platform for SAR processing & annotation

Encord's SAR tool has been developed in close collaboration with domain experts to handle specialised processing and annotation challenges. Learn more about government applications.


Prepare your SAR data for AI.

  • Efficient chipping capabilities
  • Optimised storage & transfer protocols
  • Geospatial synchronisation


Deal with the complexities of SAR in one tool.

  • Spot, strip, and scan imaging
  • Metadata handling
  • Improved memory usage


Expert tool navigation & display manipulation.

  • Native SAR automation features
  • Image filtering & processing functions
  • Comprehensive vector annotation support

SAR Platform

Annotate in native SAR

The first SAR annotation tool with specialised pre-processing & handling capabilities. Comprehensive annotation support for various label types.

Automate annotations

Use our automation for classification and vector annotation to make the most of human analyst supervision. Use native model-assisted labeling to accelerate your active learning pipelines.

Use cases

Accelerating AI and Machine Learning for SAR

Encord's platform facilitates rapid model development for diverse SAR use cases.


Processing algorithms.

    Targeted object detection

    Find small objects within SAR images.

      Area-wide classification

      Search for areas of interest.

        Advanced Software for Collaborative SAR Annotation