Annotator Training Module

Get Your Annotators up to Speed with Encord's

Annotator Training Module

Encord's collaborative labeling platform helps you streamline your annotator onboarding efforts and improve annotator quality with the annotator training module

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The First Annotator Training Module

The Training Module automatically evaluates your annotator's performance, speed, and quality against predefined scoring functions.

Certify annotators to keep track of your team’s skill level and ensure consistent and high quality annotations.

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Customizable Scoring Function

Set up arbitrarily complex scoring functions based on IoU and contextual accuracy.

Adjust the weighting to be relevant for your specific domain and requirements.

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Specify Training

For your new annotators

  • Create ground truth dataset
  • Setup flexible scoring function
  • Define evaluation criteria

Train Annotators

To improve label performance

  • Assign new annotators to training project
  • Provide annotator instructions
  • Provide real-time feedback

Evaluate Results

Within Encord or export as a CSV

  • Compare IoU and accuracy score
  • Evaluate annotation speed
  • Test domain expertise

Certify Your Annotators

Keep track of which annotators are qualified for specific tasks to help you allocate projects and activities appropriately.

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