Luke Davies-Cooke August 23, 2022

New features to help you keep your cool (Encord Product Update July 2022)

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Encord Product Update July 2022: read about the latest features we've added to Encord, including dark mode, additional label export formats and improved documentation search.

Encord goes Dark (Mode)


We’ve all been there: working late at night, or in a room with dim lighting (purposefully or otherwise). We’ve heard customers request Dark Mode to make it easier on the eyes in these trying times, and we’re happy to inform you Dark Mode is now available in the Encord app. Especially useful for long annotating sessions in dark rooms or late at night — or perhaps that’s just your style. Dark Mode is activated automatically according to your system settings, or you can click the moon icon in the upper right to turn off the lights anytime.

Export Labels in COCO Format


We recognize that many teams use a variety of annotation representation formats in their downstream processes. If you’re a COCO user, we have good news for you — you can now export your labels in COCO format from our export page! Head to the Export tab for your project of interest, select the data assets from which you would like to export labels, and press Export! Sorted.

Documentation Search


We’re proud of the work we do at Encord to develop world leading features to help our customers produce high quality data for their machine learning and computer vision projects. But the value of best-in-class tech can only be realized if our customers are aware of the features in our product, and know how to use them. We’ve introduced documentation search to make it one step easier for you to find your way around our platform. Head to our documentation, access the search bar in the upper right of any documentation page, or use the hotkey combo “Cmd” + “K” to search at anytime from within our documentation!

Visualize Dynamic Classifications in the Editor


We’re proud of our dynamic classifications feature, which allows you to tag nested attributes on objects only in specific frames. Very useful for object attributes that change over time in a given data asset. We’re now  displaying that information directly in the editor as well, above your object of interest — making it easy to review and confirm everything is as you intended. Don’t hesitate to contact us for insights or to discuss how dynamic classifications can enhance your annotations!

Encord's Labelling Service


If Encord's platform has all the tools you need to get your data labelled, but you're still missing the team -- we're pleased to inform you about Encord's labelling service. We have the technology and experience to quickly and securely produce high quality labels across a number of industries. Check out our product page for more, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries!

Configurable Upload Settings in the SDK

Uploading a lot of data at once is convenient, but has unexpected pitfalls due to intermittent drops in network connectivity or other hard to predict issues.

We’ve added support for configuring your upload settings including allowing individual failures in large batch uploads to ensure your dataset is created despite any turbulence in the web on the way over. Check out our updated SDK Documentation for all the details, and grab the latest version of our SDK from PyPI.

If you like the sound of some of our latest features, and want to understand how they can help your business, drop us a line to get a demo of the Encord data platform for computer vision.