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Announcing the launch of Advanced Video Curation

April 24, 2024
2 mins
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At Encord we continually look for ways to enable our customers to bring their models to market faster.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Video Data Management within the Encord Platform, providing an entirely new way to interact with video data.

Gone are the days of searching frame by frame for the relevant clip. Now filter and search across your entire dataset of videos with just a few clicks.

What is Advanced Video Curation?

In our new video explorer page users can search, filter, and sort entire datasets of videos. Video-level metrics, calculated by taking an average from the frames of a video, allow the user to curate videos based on a range of characteristics, including average brightness, average sharpness, the number of labeled frames, and many more.

Users can also curate within individual videos with the new video frame analytics timelines, enabling a temporal view over the entire video.

We're thrilled that Video Data Curation in the Encord platform is the first and only platform available to search, query, and curate relevant video clips as part of your data workflows.

Support within Encord

This is now available for all Encord Active customers. Please see our documentation for more information on activating this tool. For any questions on how to get access to video curation please contact

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Nikolaj Buhl

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