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How it works

Unlocking data-centric AI

Encord's mission is to enable every company to unlock the power of AI. We enable world-leading computer vision teams to rapidly build and continuously improve their models.


The computer vision-first toolkit

Label any computer vision modality - all in one platform.

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Image & video

Our fast and intuitive collaborative annotation tools enrich your data so that you can build cutting-edge AI applications. Encord automatically classifies, detects, segments, and tracks objects in image & video.

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Medical imagery

Our medical image annotation tools allow you to annotate all common image modalities - including 3D such as CT, X-ray, and MRI. Encord supports coronal, sagittal, and axial views.

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Synthetic-aperture radar

Easy handling of synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) in various modes for computer vision applications.


Harness the power of AI-assisted labeling

Micro-models: A novel approach to model-assisted labeling. Save time and improve label quality by reducing manual work and augment your experts with AI.

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Active learning pipelines

Integrate micro-models into existing data pipelines with our APIs and SDK. Combine your production model and micro-models with ease.

Downloading models

Download & deploy

Download micro-models for integration with downstream applications with the click of a button. Deployable in secure environments and on edge.

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Native automation

Augment your workforce with our novel micro-model technology, flexible labeling tools, and automation functions such as object tracking, interpolation, and auto-segmentation.

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Automation to assess your data quality

Encord offers intelligent data evaluation features, ensuring that your labels are of the highest possible quality before they go into production.

Quality prediction iou grid in program

Predict label quality

Use our automated quality control features to ensure only the best ground truth is delivered to your models.

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Model validation

Import model predictions through our APIs and SDK to find errors and biases in your model.

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Expert review

Encord supports purpose-built workflows for domain experts to guarantee quality control & compliance.


The operating system for your training data

Centralise all of your label & data operations in one scalable platform.

Cloud bucket integration

Customise data pipelines

Our APIs & SDK allow for easy building of workflow scripts to converge quickly into successful data strategies. Set up complex pipelines and integrations within minutes.

Feature labeling algorithm

Modular automation

Compose labeling strategies with image clustering, classical computer vision algorithms, and state of the art deep learning techniques.

Branch project

Version your labels

Our labelset management capabilities allow you to experiment fluidly with versioned data and labels.

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