The operating system for training data operations

Manage your data operations with simplicity. Use our APIs and SDK to assemble & streamline data pipelines for your machine learning teams.

How it works

The fastest way to scale your ML data pipeline

Setup custom workflows & automated pipelines for continuous and elastic data delivery.


Encord allows for granular access control of data and team members.

  • Share and assign tasks with ease
  • Automatic task distribution
  • Identify sub-standard performers


Visualise the breakdown of your data & labels in high granularity.

  • Precise estimations of label quality
  • Activity alerts for annotation progress
  • Import model predictions for validation


Seamlessly integrate our APIs & SDK with your model data loaders.

  • Facilitate active learning pipelines
  • Support for AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Set up integrations within minutes
Undraw surveillance
Top-3 human behaviour surveillance AI company

The company built custom label structures with Encord's adaptive ontology & automated workflows with Encord's SDK.

Complex annotation tasks rendered existing & open-source tools unusable. GDPR & privacy restrictions prohibited use of managed service.
Utilised Encord to build custom pose estimation templates, integrate to their cloud for compliance, operate tracking modules to automate annotations.
Built a highly sophisticated human behaviour dataset. Automation features made in-house workforce practical.
GDPR & Privacy
Custom label structures
Flexible ontology
Automated labels

Build, iterate, deliver

We built Encord to support you as your company start scaling data pipelines.

Flexible tools

Our software supports a wide variety of computer vision modalities. Support for all annotation tasks in a single editor.


Programmatic access, monitoring, and deployment of labels and data assets into your machine learning infrastructure.

Configurable label editor

Set up your own label structures with infinitely nested attributes and hierarchical relationships. Apply nested classifications and preserve conditional relationships between features.


Create custom annotation & review pipelines with our intuitive interface. Discover poorly performing annotators using our performance dashboards, benchmark & consensus features.

Collaboration made easy

Role-based access control, annotator performance tracking, and dynamic task queues make massive-scale labeling operations a bliss.


Reduce time to production by spotting data biases and imbalances early. Discover & visualise errors in your datasets.
User performance

Make the most of human supervision

Augment your human workforce with our flexible and intuitive labeling tools and automation features.

Quality grid

AI data operations made simple

Use our automated quality control features to ensure only the best ground truth is delivered to your models. Setup custom alerts to make sure your system is always monitored.

Png review json

Expert review

Encord supports purpose-built workflows for domain experts to drive specialised quality control.

Collaborative DataOps tools for teams