Build a DICOM & NIfTI Training Dataset 10x Faster

Graduate from ITK Snap & 3D Slicer with Encord's collaborative annotation platform and get to production AI faster. Quickly label large training datasets from modalities including CT, X-ray, PET, ultrasound, mammography and MRI.

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3D annotations

Streamline your medical imaging workflows with 3D annotations for enhanced accuracy and multi-plane views for comprehensive annotation.


3D rendering

Explore medical scans in three-dimensional detail, enabling 
a comprehensive and intuitive assessment of anatomical structures. Make preciser annotations and more 
informed diagnoses.

AI-assisted labeling

Generate precise annotations in just a single click with the powerful combination of SAM’s segmentation capabilities and Encord’s robust ontologies.

Bitmask & SAM

Create sophisticated pixel-perfect annotations with our brush tool & take advantage of advanced features such as erasing or thresholding on a grayscale representation of the image.

Hanging protocols

Customize layouts to concurrently view multiple series in a study and standarize across users for your specific use case with our presets.


Create fully customized, automated ML pipelines to unify your team, easily manage training data creation, and scale your ML pipeline.


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Robust enterprise support

“Encord’s robust support system has been remarkable. Whenever questions or issues come up, they are always supportive and helpful. This ensures that our workflows remain uninterrupted.”


Reduction in annotation time

“Encord made it very easy to centrally keep track of annotations, including who had made them and who had reviewed them. It also had this great interpolation tool which was especially useful for the projects we were working on.”


Reduction in experiment duration

Stanford researchers decreased experiment duration from an average of 21 to 4 days, while processing 3x the images and consolidating the number of platforms used from 3 to one.

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