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The first collaborative ECG Annotation Tool for

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Graduate from OHIF or Waveform with Encord's collaborative ECG annotation platform and get to production AI faster.

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The Leading Collaborative ECG Annotation Tool

Equip your data annotators with the leading collaborative ECG labeling solution.

Encord offers ECG image rendering with a PACS-style interface. Our platform includes measuring and annotation tools to help you label your data and build better ML models.

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Configurable Annotation Ontology

Build complex labeling protocols with for points and time intervals using Encord’s flexible ontology. Supports all ontologies from Bioportal ontology server.

Create rich labeling ontologies covering as many features as you need to deliver highly accurate training data to your machine learning team.

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Digital Health


Patient Monitoring


ECG Diagnostics

Deliver Better Training Data

Encord helps teams identify the errors, biases and imbalances in the datasets they’ve created (even down to individual annotator performance).

This allows operations leaders to provide better datasets to their machine learning teams and help reduce model time to production.

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Supporting your regulatory Journey

Encord has been designed to make it easier for you to meet your regulatory requirements, including FDA submissions and CE approval.

As well as being HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, Encord’s data pipelines, fully auditable labels and quality control and assurance features make regulatory compliance much less of a headache

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