Secure, automated annotation tools for Aerospace & Defense partners

Encord's solution is a natural fit for sensitive use cases where security and privacy surrounding data is paramount.

Use cases

Comprehensive automated data labeling for defense, and aerospace

Encord's robust platform handles numerous computer vision data modalities including aerial imaging, synthetic aperture radar data, and thermal imaging all in an integrated fashion. Learn more.

Synthetic-aperture radar

All SAR modes - in one platform.

  • Spot, strip, and scan imaging
  • Efficient chipping capabilities
  • Metadata handling


Seamless support for both satellite and aerial imaging.

  • Geospatial synchronisation
  • Hyper-spectral images
  • Specialised layers


Integrate all your sensor data in one tool.

  • Infrared, night vision, and thermal mapping
  • Model training & inference
  • Advanced edge deployment

Aerial video footage

Derive actionable insights from video streams.

  • Advanced video processing
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Multiple object tracking

Reconnaissance & surveillance

Gain fast & accurate insights from satellite imagery.

  • Auto-detect & track visual objects of interest
  • Advanced real time analytics
  • 100% data-secure for sensitive applications

Disaster response

Process critical visual data in real time.

  • Enable & augment rescue efforts
  • Sensor fusion for full situational awareness
  • Integration into the response ecosystem
How it works

Unlock air-gapped AI development capabilities

Our on-premise solution allow government partners to capture the efficiency gains of our micro-model technology while retaining 100% control of their data.

Flexible tools

Our software support a wide variety of data modalities (e.g. RGB, synthetic-aperture radar, geospatial, and thermal).

Handle complex use cases

Create arbitrarily rich nested labeling structures accommodating all label modalities in one place.

On-premises annotation, labeling and segmentation

Organise and scale your analyst teams easily and quickly with our collaboration features.

Model training & inference

Use our micro-models to detect, classify, and segment within hours instead of days. Use active learning for continual model improvement.

Deploy on edge

Use models in diverse environments with our ready-made and easy to use deployment tools.


Evaluate your labels with high granularity to get precise estimations of your label quality and model performance.
Sar model

Create continuous model deployment pipelines

Train, test, and deploy models in automated pipelines. Ensure continous model improvement for achieving AI objectives with active learning techniques.

Data engine

Centralise your computer vision data operations

One scalable platform for all of your data. Manage data, labels, models with our graphical interface, APIs, and Python SDK.

Accelerate AI model training with Encord