Annotate Images 12x Faster with AI-assisted Labeling

Encord's collaborative image labeling platform helps you automate image annotation with AI-assisted labeling, build active learning pipelines, and streamline labeling operations to get your models to production faster.

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The only tool you need to build ground truth for computer vision models

Encord provides a single platform for all your image annotation needs, alleviating the need for building & maintaining expensive in-house tooling and infrastructure.


12x image annotation speed with AI-assisted labeling

Our proprietary micro-models automatically classify, detect, segment, and track objects. Your annotators only need to review the annotated data, saving you time while reducing human errors.

We support all use cases:

  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Semantic & instance segmentation
  • Image classification
  • Object primitives
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Automatically find and resolve errors

Encord's novel quality assessment tool helps scale your quality control processes by spotting hidden errors in your training dataset.

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Easily scale annotation projects

Encord’s collaborative annotator and data management dashboards make it much easier to scale large image annotation teams, whether in-house or outsourced.

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Every use case. Every industry.

Encord's tools support image annotation for a variety of industries such as healthcare, government, and computer vision.

Ready to accelerate your image annotation workflow?