The platform for data-centric computer vision

Machine learning and data operations teams of all sizes use Encord's collaborative applications, automation features, and APIs to build models & annotate, manage, and evaluate their datasets.

  • Rapidly create training data & models while retaining 100% control of your data and processes.
  • Build custom workflows & data pipelines within minutes.
  • Easily migrate from in-house tools & deliver value from your AI initiatives faster.
Modus operandi

Unlocking data-centric AI

Encord's mission is to enable every company to unlock the power of AI. We enable world-leading computer vision teams to build models & create, manage and evaluate high-quality training data for computer vision.


The computer vision-first toolkit

Label any computer vision modality - all in one platform.

Uses platform

Image & video

Our fast and intuitive collaborative annotation tools enrich your data so that you can build cutting-edge AI applications. Encord automatically classifies, detects, segments, and tracks objects in image & video.

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Medical imagery

Our medical image annotation tools allow you to annotate all common image modalities - including 3D such as CT, X-ray, and MRI. Encord supports coronal, sagittal, and axial views.

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Synthetic-aperture radar

Easy handling of synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) in various modes for computer vision applications.


Harness the power of micro-models

A novel approach to model-assisted labelling. Save time and improve label quality by reducing manual work and augment your experts with AI.

Active learning pipelines

Integrate micro-models into existing data pipelines with our APIs and SDK. Combine your production model and micro-models with ease.

Downloading models

Download & deploy

Download micro-models for integration with downstream applications with the click of a button. Deployable in secure environments and on edge.

Flower segmentation example

Native automation

Augment your workforce with our novel micro-model technology, flexible labelling tools, and automation functions such as object tracking, interpolation, and auto-segmentation.

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