Customize and automate your

Annotation Workflows

Integrate humans-in-the-loop seamlessly with Workflows. Accelerate high-quality training data creation and build more efficient ML pipelines.

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Create Ground Truth 10x Faster

Leverage workflow automation to arrange, connect, and manage annotation workflows with no coding required. Unify your teams in one workflow to easily manage training data creation and scale your ML pipeline.

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Visualize and manage your annotation workflows

Customize your annotation workflows, driving improved data quality, faster labeling, and accelerated AI model performance.

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Advanced Routers

Create specific pathways for labeling instances.

  • Annotator and reviewer-specific routing
  • Label-specific routing
  • Weighted routing

Data Visibility

Evaluate and analyze the performance of your workflows on a granular level.

  • Identify bottlenecks in your pipeline
  • Visualize performance across stages
  • Unify teams to collaborate on one platform

SDK Support

Programatically create workflows that fit your data operations and ML pipelines.

  • Create programmatic workflows
  • Integrate with your ML pipeline
  • Minimize human effort through automation

No-code, drag & drop builder

Utilize our intuitive builder to construct annotation workflows. Simplify your process, save time, and accelerate your path to production AI, all without writing a single line of code.

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