Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR) in the DICOM Editor

February 12, 2024
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MPR transforms cross-sectional scans into 2D orthogonal images (coronal, sagittal and axial views) and is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy. 

MPR in Encord

Our latest updates to MPR allow you to create Bitmask annotations directly on reconstructed views, and in any annotation window within the Label Editor. Annotations made in the one view automatically appear in all other views, and cross-reference lines are projected across all three views, assisting with precise anatomy annotation.

All reconstructed views can also be transformed into detailed 3D renderings that prominently display your annotations.

MPR annotations

Labeling in Encord's MPR: A How-To Guide

Now, let's get into the practical aspects of using MPR in Encord's Label Editor:

Step 1: Open a DICOM annotation task in the Label Editor. The primary view is your main workspace, positioned on the left in the Label Editor. Reconstructed views are conveniently placed on the right.


Step 2: Select a Bitmask object, and apply a label on any window. Use the 'Annotate from this tile' button to change the tile you're working on.

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By incorporating these steps into your workflow, you can leverage the full capabilities of MPR in Encord. Explore the Label Editor, experiment with Bitmask labels, and observe your annotations synchronize seamlessly across different views.

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David Babuschkin

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