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Graduate from ITK-Snap. Streamline your labeling and workflow management, intelligently clean and curate data, easily validate label quality, and evaluate model performance all in the Encord platform.

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G2 reviews

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“Versatile, elegant and ever evolving annotation tool that never disappoints”

The fact that I can use polygonal or freehand tools, easy to use sculpture tool and the way I can easily communicate with the reviewer. Simple but powerful interface of the Encord tool is a lifesaver especially when I am working with annotation intense studies with multiple objects...

Fazilhan, G2 reviewer

“Easy to use training data platform for annotation and model validation”

The option of serving our models on their platform gives us the flexibility to use it as a ‘model proof-of-concept / validation system’ with a human in the loop that helps to uncover blindspots and edge cases in our production models. The annotation tools are easy to use and cover most of the various annotation types we need.

Mike, G2 reviewer

Trusted by pioneering AI teams


Automate 97% of annotations with 99% accuracy

Super charge your data annotation with AI-powered labeling — including automated interpolation, object detection and ML-based quality control.

annotation types

Supporting your labeling needs

Efficiently label any computer vision modality across image, video, medical imagery, or geospatial data.

Annotation tool

Access a range of labeling tools

Choose from a variety of tools to meet your specific annotation and model requirements.

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Semantic Segmentation

Object Detection

Keypoint Skeleton Pose

Polyline Annotation

Hanging Protocols

Instance Segmentation

Whole Slide Pathology

Image Classification

Action Recognition


Expert labeling services, on-demand

Hire expert labelers who care about your AI training data accuracy and are expert annotators in your domain.

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Customizable workflows, automated pipelines

Integrate humans-in-the-loop seamlessly to accelerate training data creation by leveraging workflow templates or fully customizing workflows and expert review to suit your project needs.

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“We cut the time it takes to annotate our MRI & CT scans by 70%

Thanks to Encord’s interpolation tool, we now save over 30 minutes per case. Encord’s reviewer function also helped us improve the efficiency of our annotation process - neuroradiologists can now leave notes for annotators, correcting mistakes and provide guidance for improveme...

Dr. Ryan Mason

Annotation Lead, Rapid AI


End-to-end platform built for commercials teams

Encord is more than just an annotation platform. Integrate your data management, curation, labeling, and debugging workflows in one platform to avoid third party integrations.

Data and model quality

Detect errors and edge-cases in visual data to improve your models

Automatically detect errors, edge cases, outliers, and duplicates in your data. Use custom embeddings and quality metrics to setup repeatable model test cases.

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discover label errors

AI-assisted QA to ensure accurate and high quality labels

Save time and improve label quality by understanding your label distribution. Automatically surface potential label errors with embeddings, quality metrics, and model predictions.

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Manual labeling

AI-assisted labeling

Native DICOM support & 3D volume rendering

Whole slice/volume classification

Pre-populated hanging protocols

Study-level labels

Robust security features (audit trails, encryption, ...)

Collaboration and seamless workflows

Dedicated support (SLAs, Slack channel, ...)


Manual labeling

Native DICOM support & 3D volume rendering

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Data & Security

World class security & support


Built with security in mind

Encord is SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant with robust security and encryption standards.


Integrate seamlessly with your toolstack

Connect your secure cloud storage, MLOps tools, and much more with dedicated integrations that slot seamlessly into your workflows.


Developer-friendly for easy access

Leverage our API/SDK to programatically access projects, datasets & labels within the platform via API.

Take control of your ML pipeline with Encord

Forget fragmented workflows, annotation tools, and Notebooks for building AI applications. Encord Data Engine accelerates every step of taking your model 
into production.