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DICOM Updates [July 2023]

August 1, 2023
7 mins
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Summer 🌴 is here, and we have updates in store for all our DICOM 🩺 users! These improvements offer 3D rendering and visualization of DICOM volumes including MRI and CT and smooth zooming 🔍 and panning 🖐️ for all editor views! We are very excited to share these updates with you!

3D Volume Rendering

3D visualizations is out of beta! You can now explore medical scans in three-dimensional detail, enabling a comprehensive and intuitive assessment of anatomical structures. Gone are the days of sifting through 2D slices! Instead, our volume rendering feature provides a seamless experience that empowers you to make more informed diagnoses and preciser annotations.

3d volume rendering

Zoom and Pan in all views

Zoom and Pan is now available in all DICOM views! Seamlessly navigate through high-resolution scans with ease, zooming in to scrutinize the finest details and panning across images effortlessly. Whether you're examining radiographs, MRI, CT, or another DICOM modality, this new feature ensures that no vital information goes unnoticed.

zoom and pan

Crosshair Toggle

Looking for a clearer view of your DICOM sample? Just click the "Display DICOM Crosshairs" toggle to enjoy an unobstructed view without any crosshairs on the screen.

crosshair toggle

Coming soon

3D Visualisation of Annotations

Stay tuned for the official release, when users will soon be able to explore medical image annotations with a whole new level of depth and clarity. Get ready to visualize your annotations like never before!

3d visualizations

We are excited as ever to receive your feedback on the latest and upcoming updates. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can enhance your experience with us. We eagerly await hearing from you.

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Dr. Andreas Heindl

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