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DICOM Updates [May 2023]

June 2, 2023
3 mins
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Exciting DICOM updates!

We've brought in some exciting new updates to enhance DICOM performance this month. The updates enable teams to perform sophisticated image annotations, speed up annotation times and much more. We're constantly seeking to improve the platform, and we're very excited to share the following updates with you!

Updates include:

  • Enhanced bit mask brush feature support
  • Image rotation in label editor
  • 3D Visualisation of DICOM data (Coming soon)

Bit mask brush features for DICOM and SDK support🖌️

Our DICOM Editor will support bit masks! This new feature allows you to perform powerful and sophisticated image annotations by using our brush tool. You can easily paint regions and use thresholding to get pixel-perfect annotations. Our DICOM Editor now offers an array of powerful tools to help you achieve your desired results. With the Encord Bitmask SDK, you can now seamlessly create, manipulate, and analyze annotations directly within the Encord platform, all while harnessing the full potential of Python's extensive libraries and tools.

Image rotation in label editor

Our platform now supports DICOM image rotation, giving our users the ability to easily adjust the orientation of medical images. This feature is particularly useful when reviewing x-ray or mammography images or when attempting to align multiple images for comparison. With the ability to rotate DICOM images, our users will be able to better visualize and interpret medical images, leading to more accurate annotations and labels.

3D Visualisation of your DICOM data (Coming Soon)

We are excited to announce soon the launch of our new 3D Visualization feature for DICOM images! This cutting-edge tool allows medical professionals to view medical images in a more comprehensive and detailed manner, providing a clearer understanding of complex annotations. With its advanced visualization capabilities, users can rotate, zoom in, and explore the image from any angle, enabling a more accurate assessment.

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Dr. Andreas Heindl

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