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Accelerating the Prediction of Consumer Behaviour with Encord

5 mins
April 19, 2024


Neurons, a leading neuroscience marketing company, faced challenges in scaling their data annotation process due to the limitations of their in-house solution. The growing volume of assets requiring annotation made it difficult to maintain precision and consistency, resulting in delays in model deployment.

Key Results

Key Results

By adopting Encord's end-to-end platform, Neurons achieved efficient and precise data annotation. Encord's user-friendly interface and comprehensive offering allowed for manual and automated labeling, ensuring accuracy in their datasets. This led to significant improvements in their AI model performance and enabled the successful launch of their Copilot tool, providing actionable insights for marketing decision-makers.

Introducing Customer: Neurons 

Neurons has been a leading company in the field of neuroscience marketing for more than 10 years. With their expertise in understanding how humans react to content, they have developed AI-powered solutions to enable companies to create predictable marketing content at scale. Their mission is to eliminate biases and guesswork from marketing strategies.

As a pioneer in this domain, Neurons faced scalability challenges in their data annotation process due to the sheer volume of label categories and the growing number of assets requiring annotation.

We sat down with Dennis Green-Lieber (Director of Product and Engineering) and Konstantina Kaisheva (AI Product Manager) to discuss how Encord alleviated these challenges.

Problem: Challenges with in-house solution

Neurons, historically, have relied on manual annotation by their internal team using their in-house annotation platform. With a growing volume of assets requiring annotation, they found it increasingly challenging to scale their operations using their in-house solutions. They also encountered difficulties in ensuring precision and consistency when labeling large volumes of data, resulting in delays in getting their models to production.

Solution: Scaling with Encord's end-to-end platform

Seeking a solution to their data annotation challenges, Neurons turned to Encord’s platform. They recognized the need for manual and automated labeling capabilities, so they were drawn to Encord’s comprehensive offering. With Encord, Neurons found a user-friendly platform that facilitated a precise and efficient annotation process. They appreciated the ability to define labeling instructions/ontologies tailored to their specific requirements, ensuring accuracy in their data sets.

Encord's platform offered features for quality assurance, workflow management, and data categorization streamlining Neurons’ annotation workflows. They were particularly impressed by Encord's flexibility, which allowed them to adapt labeling criteria for different content types.

Konstantina, AI Product Manager, noted her happiness with the function of model evaluations. Recognizing its potential as an invaluable tool for the future, she highlighted its ability to provide insights into the performance and accuracy of its AI models.

light-callout-cta "It's a very easy platform to operate. What I really liked was the whole offering of Encord for both automated labeling and manual work, as precision is incredibly important to us."- Konstantina Kaisheva

Result: Efficient and fast annotation

With Encord’s platform, Neurons achieved marked improvements in their data annotation process. With the appropriate workflows and quality assurance, they were able to maintain precision and consistency even when they were handling larger volumes of data. This led to building a higher-quality dataset for their AI models. 

Neuron’s newly launched Copilot, provides actionable insights for marketing decision makers. This is run by AI models which require large volumes of precisely annotated datasets, which Encord enabled them to achieve. By eliminating guesswork and biases, they empowered their clients to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies effectively.

Overall, Encord’s platform proved to be a significant asset for Neurons, enabling them to overcome their data annotation challenges. With a newfound ability to make data-driven decisions, the company saw a tangible improvement in its ability to achieve their desired model outcomes.

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Frequently asked questions
  • Yes. In addition to being able to train models & run inference using our platform, you can either import model predictions via our APIs & Python SDK, integrate your model in the Encord annotation interface if it is deployed via API, or upload your own model weights.

  • At Encord, we take our security commitments very seriously. When working with us and using our services, you can ensure your and your customer's data is safe and secure. You always own labels, data & models, and Encord never shares any of your data with any third party. Encord is hosted securely on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Encord native integrations with private cloud buckets, ensuring that data never has to leave your own storage facility.

    Any data passing through the Encord platform is encrypted both in-transit using TLS and at rest.

    Encord is HIPAA&GDPR compliant, and maintains SOC2 Type II certification. Learn more about data security at Encord here.

  • Yes. If you believe you’ve discovered a bug in Encord’s security, please get in touch at Our security team promptly investigates all reported issues. Learn more about data security at Encord here.

  • Yes - we offer managed on-demand premium labeling-as-a-service designed to meet your specific business objectives and offer our expert support to help you meet your goals. Our active learning platform and suite of tools are designed to automate the annotation process and maximise the ROI of each human input. The purpose of our software is to help you label less data.

  • The best way to spend less on labeling is using purpose-built annotation software, automation features, and active learning techniques. Encord's platform provides several automation techniques, including model-assisted labeling & auto-segmentation. High-complexity use cases have seen 60-80% reduction in labeling costs.

  • Encord offers three different support plans: standard, premium, and enterprise support. Note that custom service agreements and uptime SLAs require an enterprise support plan. Learn more about our support plans here.

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