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Speed up your data labeling with AI-assisted annotations, powered by micro-models. Discover dataset errors. Diagnose model performance issues and biases. Get to production AI faster with an all-in-one active learning platform.

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The first purpose-built platform for SAR processing

Encord's robust platform handles numerous computer vision data modalities including aerial imaging, synthetic aperture radar data (SAR), and thermal imaging - all in an integrated platform.

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Prepare your SAR data for AI.

  • Efficient chipping capabilities
  • Optimised storage & transfer protocols
  • Geospatial synchronisation


Deal with the complexities of SAR in one tool.

  • Spot, strip, and scan imaging
  • Metadata handling
  • Improved memory usage


Expert tool navigation & display manipulation.

  • Native SAR automation features
  • Image filtering & processing functions
  • Comprehensive vector annotation support

Customisable Quality Control Workflows

Manage and scale annotation teams, whether in-house or outsourced. Automatically assign annotation tasks, monitor annotators’ performance and set up custom review pipelines and quality control.

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Encord is transforming how defence businesses are getting their computer vision models into production. We can do the same for you. Talk to us to find out how.