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Fireside Chat: AI for Augmented Reality in 2023 and Beyond

Thu, Jan 01, 2:00 AM BST

About this webinar

This edition of Encord’s Fireside Chats sees Victor Prisacariu, of the University of Oxford and Niantic, sit down with Eric Landau, Encord’s CEO and Co-Founder, to discuss recent developments in AI computer vision and machine learning.

Victor’s focus currently lies in real-time Augmented Reality on mobile and wearable platforms, having co-founded which was later acquired by Niantic in March 2020. With his wide and varied experience of the industry, Victor touched crucial areas of AR as well as discussing his work at Niantic in-depth.


Eric Landau
Eric Landau
Co-Founder & CEO
Victor Prisacariu
Victor Prisacariu
Chief Scientist

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