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Utilising Gemini: How to Automate your Data Pipelines

Wed, May 08, 6:00 PM BST

About this webinar

Vision-Language Models are enabling ML and Data teams to supercharge their process by combining modalities and reducing manual processes.

This webinar will focus on Gemini, Google's multi-modal foundation model.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Explanation of Gemini
  • Integrating Gemini into your data pipelines
  • A live demo of Gemini in action

The webinar will be hosted by Oscar Evans (Machine Learning Solutions Engineer, Encord) and Frederik Hvilshøj (Machine Learning Lead). Frederik holds a PhD in generativeAI and is an industry leader in applying foundation models to data processes.


Frederik Hvilshøj
Frederik Hvilshøj
Machine Learning Lead
Oscar Evans
Oscar Evans
ML Solutions Engineer

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