From Data to Diamonds: Unearth the True Value of Quality Data

Nikolaj Buhl
November 17, 2023
60 min read
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Bridging the chasm between ‘Just AI’ and ‘Useful AI’ can be challenging, however it’s apparent that leveraging valuable data is crucial to this. As access to data increases, computer vision teams need to produce informative and reliable training data as a priority, one approach is through developing active learning pipelines.

From data curation to annotation and beyond, this webinar will provide you with the tools to implement active learning pipelines and level up your computer vision models

Here are the key resources from the webinar:

Written by Nikolaj Buhl
Nikolaj is a Product Manager at Encord and a computer vision enthusiast. At Encord he oversees the development of Encord Active. Nikolaj holds a M.Sc. in Management from London Business School and Copenhagen Business School. In a previous life, he lived in China working at the Danish Embas... see more
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