Eric Landau
December 2, 2022 55 min read

Synthetic Data & Generative AI: Fireside chat with Synthesia Co-Founder & CEO Victor Riparbelli

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Founded in 2017, Synthesia is one of the early pioneers of generative AI and the first to synthesize video from text. Synthesia has grown to a team of 135 employees and 15,000+ customers. Among its clients are fast-food giants including McDonald’s, research company Teleperformance and global advertising holding company WPP.

In this fireside chat, Eric Landau, Co-Founder & CEO of Encord, will talk to Victor Riparbelli, Co-Founder & CEO of Synthesia, about what the early days of Synthesia looked like, the current & future role of synthetic media, and setting up & scaling a world-leading research organisation pushing the boundaries of synthetic data generation.

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