Announcing the launch of Consensus in Encord Workflows

Nikolaj Buhl
April 2, 2024
2 min read
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At Encord, we continually obsess over how to support ML teams managing their labeling workflows and make it as easy as possible for teams to improve model performance.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Consensus workflows within Encord.

What is Consensus?

Consensus allows multiple annotators to conduct a labeling task of the same file in a mutually blind fashion — that is, each annotator is unaware that other annotators are working on the task. All submissions are aggregated into the following evaluation substage where designated Consensus reviewers can evaluate the agreement between labels and select a representative set.

Integrating Consensus into your labeling workflows allows you to create higher-quality annotations by assessing the submissions of multiple annotators and simplifying compliance with domain-specific regulatory requirements.

Support within Encord

Support will begin with image and video modalities, with full modality support progressively released soon after. You can read more in our documentation for more information on activating this feature and building consensus workflows.

Written by Nikolaj Buhl
Nikolaj is a Product Manager at Encord and a computer vision enthusiast. At Encord he oversees the development of Encord Active. Nikolaj holds a M.Sc. in Management from London Business School and Copenhagen Business School. In a previous life, he lived in China working at the Danish Embas... see more
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