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Product Update [August 2022]

November 11, 2022
5 mins
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Fall is almost here, but just because the weather is cooling down (finally!) doesn't mean we're letting off the heat driving our product engine. Take a gander to learn more about recent deliveries from Encord!

Annotate in Style (with a stylus)

Encord fits not only your workflows, but also your working environment and tools. If (like us) you spend a lot of time drawing complex or complicated segmentations, you may agree the standard computer mouse is not always the best tool for the job. Now, there is another way. We’ve added label editor stylus support so you can draw in a natural manner with your favorite tablet. Don't hesitate to reach out with thoughts and feedback.

See before you annotate

With deeply nested and complex ontologies, it can sometimes be tough to remember where to find the various nested classifications necessary while annotating. We’ve made the ontology tree fully explorable on a per instance basis inside the label editor so you and your team can easily find the the nested classifications and attributes you need, no matter where they may have been hidden before. You can explore pathways without having to select a value — perfect to understand all the possibilities and quickly select from the best option!

Include AND exclude tags for your project search

Project tags are a simple, flexible, and powerful way to organize your projects in Encord. Until now, you’ve been able to add tags to your projects and search for projects with those tags. Going forward, you can also exclude projects with certain tags as well. Combine the include and exclude filters to quickly find your projects of interest — even if you don’t know the project name!

Get a handle on project progress

We’ve updated the project summary dashboard so you can more easily understand and estimate project progress. Get a quick overview of the progress of your labeling and review tasks. Once your project is in progress, use the estimate calculator to get a quick idea of how long your project might require. We would love to hear from you on what you need in our dashboards to give you the insights you want!

Updates from the SDK

SDK support for additional data modalities is moving forward in leaps and bounds — as well as features to speed up workflows and enhance convenience. Head over to our SDK Changelog for all the details, and continue below for some of the highlights.

Additionally you can now set a custom title for image sequences and videos on upload, instead of in a separate sequential call. Your code is shorter and upload times faster. Win win! We’ve also added SDK support for DICOM uploads, as well as uploading single images at a time as well.

Feature Highlight

Did you know Encord offers webhook functionality so you can integrate notifications directly into your workflows? You can configure Encord’s webhooks to notify you on a variety of events such as annotation task submissions, review approvals — or perhaps a daily summary of progress. We provide notifications to popular communication systems such as e-mail and Slack, as well as HTTP integrations for teams that want full programmatic integrations.

Read all about the details of sample workflows, and don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback or ideas!

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