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DICOM Updates [August 2023]

September 6, 2023
2 mins
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Require top-level ontology categories

This month, we are introducing the highly-anticipated top-level required feature, designed to empower you with greater control and precision in your annotation projects. With this feature, you can now define and prioritize the most critical requirements of your DICOM annotation tasks, ensuring that your team's efforts are focused on capturing the key insights that matter most. Have a look at our documentation for further guidance on how to use it. 

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📊 Introducing Advanced Measurement Features! 📏

Say hello to the brand-new measurement feature, designed to precisely quantify angles and areas. Whether it's evaluating the size of a tumor, determining the angle of a joint, or gauging the extent of a lesion, DICOM's new measurement feature empowers medical experts to make more informed decisions.

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Upgraded DICOM de-identification

With the increasing importance of data privacy and compliance in healthcare, we understand the challenges you face when handling medical imaging data. Our upgraded DICOM de-identification service offers a comprehensive solution to de-identify DICOM files swiftly and securely, and offers integration with customisable reviewer workflows. Protect patient privacy and ensure regulatory compliance effortlessly with our state-of-the-art de-identification technology. Seamlessly remove all sensitive information from DICOM metadata as well as from pixel data while preserving the integrity of the data.

We are excited as ever to receive your feedback on the latest and upcoming updates. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can enhance your experience with us. We eagerly await hearing from you.

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Dr. Andreas Heindl

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