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DICOM Updates [March 2023]

March 30, 2023
3 mins
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Exciting DICOM updates!

We are excited to announce that our platform has significantly improved DICOM performance. With these changes, you can experience faster and more efficient DICOM image processing, which translates to quicker load times, smoother user experience, and improved performance. Our team has been working hard to optimize our platform, and we're thrilled to see the results of our efforts. Whether you're a healthcare professional, researcher, or someone who relies on DICOM images, we're confident you'll notice the difference in our upgraded platform.

Updates include:

  • Local caching in your browser
  • Improved cloud download speed
  • Multi-frame DICOM support
  • Progressive loading of DICOM slices*
  • Faster Mammography detection*

*Coming soon!

Caching - from minutes to seconds

Caching allows frequently accessed DICOM files to be stored securely in your local browser memory, allowing them to be retrieved quickly and efficiently. As a result, our users can expect faster load times when accessing medical imaging data. This improvement is particularly beneficial for busy healthcare professionals who require quick access to patient records and diagnostic imaging. We are committed to continually improving our system to provide the best user experience and deliver reliable and efficient healthcare solutions.

Cloud speed improvements for large

DICOM volumes

We are excited to announce that we have implemented a new feature that speeds up loading large DICOM volumes from the cloud! With this enhancement, you can now access and view your medical images with lightning-fast speed, no matter where you are. This improvement means getting the images you need quickly and efficiently.

Multi-frame DICOM Support

We now fully support multi-frame DICOMs, making it even easier and faster to load data onto our platform! With multi-frame DICOM support, our users can save time and streamline their workflows due to a reduced amount of header data repetition. Seamlessly integrated in our platform,  you just have to upload your multi-frame DICOMs like you did with your normal DICOMs, either via the user interface or our powerful python sdk.

Coming soon

Progressive loading

This feature allows medical images to load progressively as you view them, resulting in a seamless and smooth viewing experience. Whether you're working with large medical image files or accessing them remotely, our new progressive loading feature will ensure that you can view your DICOMs without any frustrating delays or lag time. This enhancement is just one of the many ways we're working to improve our platform and provide the best possible experience for our users.

Mammography detection

This feature brings significant improvements to mammography workflow on our platform! We understand that mammography images are critical for breast cancer screening and annotations; therefore, a seamless viewing experience is essential. With this in mind, we have improved our platform's loading speed, quality, and overall performance of mammography images. These improvements will ensure you can view mammography images quickly and easily without delays or hiccups. These enhancements will make your experience with our platform even more efficient and effective, resulting in better patient healthcare outcomes.

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Written by

Dr. Andreas Heindl

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